Riding with Compassion,
Supporting with Action

Angel Rides

Welcome to the Angel Rides initiative at Black Reign "We Care" Foundation Inc., where our wheels turn in support of those who need it most. Angel Rides embodies our commitment to stand with members of our motorcycle community during their most challenging moments.

Legal Counseling and Grief Coaching

To further support our community, we offer referrals to legal counselors for navigating post-accident legalities and grief coaches for emotional and mental support. These professionals provide invaluable assistance during difficult times, helping with both legal challenges and the journey of emotional healing.

Motorcycle Safety and Awareness

We host a variety of fundraising events, including charity rides, in local areas to support riders who have suffered accidents. These events are more than just rides; they are powerful expressions of solidarity, bringing our community together to raise funds and awareness. By participating in or contributing to these events, you play a pivotal role in helping affected riders and their families navigate through tough times.

Local Impact, Widespread Support

Our fundraising efforts, particularly charity rides, are organized at the local level, ensuring direct and meaningful impact within the community. These events offer a platform for everyone to contribute, connect, and show that in our community, we take care of our own.

Financial Assistance During Recovery

Through the funds raised, Angel Rides provides essential financial assistance to those in recovery. This aid helps cover medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, and lost income, alleviating financial stress and allowing riders and their families to focus on healing.

Escorted Funeral Rides

We honor the memory of riders we’ve lost with escorted funeral rides. These rides are a respectful and powerful way to show our support and sympathy to the families, reminding them that they are not alone in their time of mourning.

Join the Angel Rides Movement

Be a part of Angel Rides. Whether it’s riding in a charity event, contributing to a fundraiser, offering emotional support, or helping in organizing local events, your involvement makes a significant difference. Visit our calendar to find and participate in charity rides and fundraisers in your area.

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